“In May, Good Jobs LA, ACCE and SEIU Local 721 sent teams of local community activists into the streets of LA to map the extent of the bank-induced blight epidemic. In three weeks, they assessed 4024 properties which, as of the end of January, were at some stage in the foreclosure process, i.e. Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale or Bank-Owned.”

What you can do to protect yourself and your neighborhood if …

“In May 2010, the City of Los Angeles passed a Foreclosure Registry Ordinance designed to  “protect [Los Angeles] neighborhoods from becoming blighted.” The ordinance requires banks to register properties that they have foreclosed or as soon as they begin the foreclosure process by issuing a Notice of Default (NOD). It imposes tough fines of up to $1000 per day on banks that fail to maintain those properties.”


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  • Tour of Blighted Foreclosed Properties 2013

  • Los Angeles Times

    "All the filth I saw opened my eyes: to the devastation caused by people addicted to drugs, by banks addicted to profit, and by a city government too weak and ineffective to protect its poorer residents." 

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    If properties were inspected by the City of LA at the time that the bank took possession, each of these properties might have incurred fines of up to $100,000, for a total maximum fine of $45.7 million.
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  • Marketplace

    "There are 68 documented criminal street gangs in LAPD southeast division. Because of the foreclosure crisis, those gangs and the area's homeless population have a whole lot more housing to choose from."

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  • Daily News

    "Davis' battle illustrates frustrations homeowners around the region have had trying to get foreclosed properties maintained in the absence of owners." 

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  • United in the Fight Against Blight

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